Furniture. Timeless designs built to last. Organic tables, chairs, accent tables, stools, benches and vintage pieces made from natural materials in earthy hues, sourced for their contribution to formless, minimalist style.

Best selling
Best selling
Stool Terra
Roam Stool
Stool Leigh
Bahia Bench
Bench Tulum

Contemplating the impermanence of nature through hand built styles revealing their origins and relationship with the artist, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and human touch.

Amas Stool
Orla Stool
Jayson Stool
Gabon Stool
Bench Alain
F. I
F. II Low
Side Side No. 2
Table Acros
Table Amok
Chair Marques
Odette Stool
Chair Dagon
Chair Abraxas