Edward Collinson

Heirloom quality pieces for timeless kitchens. North London-based Edward Collinson Studio designs and builds moody, minimalist artistic natural walnut and oak chopping boards, tables, seating, and custom kitchens with refined proportions, deep attention to detail, quality materials and the highest craftsmanship.


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A statement piece for the kitchen, the actual spade features a full-height handle and oversized surface for maximum impact. Detail of handle and wood grain on Actual Spade.
Actual Spade Sale price$500.00
For the compact kitchen, this short and narrow minimalist chop board elevates kitchenware to art. Wood grain detail of Walnut Shortboard.
Walnut Shortboard Sale price$110.00
A uniquely sculpted, minimalist cutting board elevating kitchenware to art. Walnut wood grain detail on Medium Chop Board.
Medium Chop Board Walnut Sale price$175.00
A uniquely sculpted large cutting board elevates kitchenware to art. Wood grain detail of Black Oak Chop Board.
Black Oak Chop Board Sale price$200.00